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Scientific and Methodological Center

Sapat International Educational Institution pays great attention to improving the quality of education and qualifications of teachers, introducing new teaching methods, developing and approving annual calendar plans, provides constant methodological assistance to teachers, as well as conducting training seminars for teachers and exams for students, organizing competitions for students, and also conducts substantive monitoring.

Methodical days

At the beginning of each academic year, an academic calendar is developed. This calendar indicates all the activities related to educational processes: exams for students and teachers, preparation for the Olympiads, subject weeks, as well as holidays and teaching days.

The main purpose of the methodological days is to familiarize with educational processes, provide methodological assistance to teachers, analyze the lessons and activities of teachers, conduct questionnaires.

Continuing education courses

Teachers of the Sapat International Educational Institution take advanced training courses, participate in seminars led by the heads of the department, and also work on self-education and self-development.

The scientific-methodical center runs the “School of Young Teachers”, in which teachers who have worked for 1-3 years conduct special training seminars and receive special certificates upon completion.

Subject weeks

Subject weeks approved in the academic calendar are held: open lessons, contests, wall newspapers, entertainment programs, etc.

Information Technology

At the Sapat International Educational Institution, the department heads direct teachers to use information technology: the use of interactive whiteboards, the Internet, the development of teaching aids, etc.

The main goal of the scientific and methodological center is to create all conditions for identifying the creative, intellectual, professional potential of each teacher and improving the educational system.


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