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Pupils from all over Kyrgyzstan who want to get a quality education go to the Sapat International Educational Institution. The order of admission depends on the institution you have chosen.

From April 2, 2021, entrance examinations for students of 6th grades begin in all regions of the republic. These exams are held in 2 rounds.

I round: The first round is held in the respective cities and regions, on the basis of the curriculum of 6 classes in the form of a test, consisting of 75 questions; questions are compiled for Russian and Kyrgyz classes and contain the following subjects:

Mathematics – 20 questions

Kyrgyz and Russian languages ​​- 20 questions

History – 5 questions

Geography – 5 questions

Biology – 5 questions

During the exam, students will be given test books. Test answers must be filled in with a pencil, an eraser is allowed. 3 incorrect answers carry with them 1 correct answer.

According to the results of the first round, on the basis of the threshold score determined by the commission, students who score more than the threshold score l go to round 2.

II round: Students who completed the 2nd round answer 25 questions in mathematics and logic (mathematics – 15, logic – 10 questions) Duration of testing – 60 min.

Based on the average score of the first and second rounds, a student receives the right to enroll in the lyceum of Sapat.