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For parents

Dear Parents!

This year, by decree of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, we celebrate the year of regional development, digitalization of the country and support for children, in this regard, it is important to note the course along which our educational institutions have been moving for 28 years. Education and upbringing have always been the basis of our activity. We believe that the intellectual development of children is the highest priority for our generation today.
For 28 years, we have been able to lay the foundation for introducing innovations into the education system of the Kyrgyz Republic and have become leaders in this area. Thanks to the talents and erudition of our students, the great work of our teachers, the contribution of each educator and mentor, and most importantly, the support of parents and society, we were able to raise the flag of our country high in the international arena.
We sincerely believe that through common efforts the Kyrgyz Republic will become an exemplary model of a modern and progressive education system on a global scale.